3 Projects to Increase the Lifespan of Your Siding and Roof

modern brown roof made of metal corrugated metal

Your siding and roof keep your home safe from the elements and thus you need to make sure they always are in good shape. The more care you take of your home’s surface the better will they serve you. So, without wait let us get to learn about 3 such projects following which you can easily increase the lifespan of your siding and roof.


Your home’s gutters play a very important role, that of keeping your siding and roof safe from runoff. If you think it is just the rain and there is no need to worry then think again. What if there are little cracks present on your siding from where sides and boards are attached? This will make it easy for moisture to reach your home’s cladding, resulting in mold and leaks, which in turn will damage the walls and your wall cavity insulation.

There could also be a problem if your drainage system stops working properly. If there is some damage, if your gutters are bent back towards your house or if there is a blockage in your drainage system then it can end up causing a pool of rainwater on your roof. This will add more weight on your roof, and eventually, it can cause structural problems.

So, if you want to avoid such problems and keep your home’s exterior safe then make sure to clean your gutters at least twice a year, and more often if you live in a debris-prone area. At this time also see if there are any leaks in your drainage equipment that needs to be repaired. If there are any leaking joints or holes then repair it yourself or better still, hire a professional.


Proper air ventilation is very important for your roof’s life, the lack of which is sure to cause problems. Improper roof ventilation can make your roof extremely hot, and if you have asphalt shingles then the high temperature can even cause it to degrade and thus you will have no options left but to reroof.

But how do you know if your attic is properly ventilated? Well, you can look for some of these signs – firstly do you notice ice buildup on your roof’s edge? If yes then this can be because of the hot air trapped in your attic. Since the hot air reaches your attic it causes the snow there to melt which moves down to your roof’s edge. Your roof’s edge is not in contact with the heated air, is colder, and thus water freezes again once it reaches there. The second way to figure out the problem will be to simply touch the ceiling on a warm day, if it is hot then there indeed is an air ventilation issue.

If you diagnose such problems then it will be best to consider installing a soffit vent on the roof’s edge. This, however, can be quite complicated, so if you are not comfortable with it, it will be best to hire a professional.


If you have an asphalt roof that is exposed to constant or partial shade it will not likely dry out fast and this can cause algae or mold buildup. It will be best to hire a professional as soon as possible to get rid of the algae buildup and make your roof look attractive and clean again. If you try and do this task on your own, firstly, you will have to invest a lot of time, and if you do not do it the right way you may even end up harming your roof shingles, thus doing more harm than good.

It will be wise to take the help of a cleaning company and ask them to do a soft wash. This is a gentle clean up that will help make your roof look nice while also protecting the life of your roof’s shingles. Yes, you will have to spend a little money for the proper professional maintenance of your siding and roof, but it will prove to be completely worthwhile in the long run.

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